DLD Parking Lot/Street Lights - 150w 5000k

DLD Parking Lot/Street Lights - 150w 5000k

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Denver LED Direct introduces its 2nd generation of Street/Parking Lot Lights. Our LED Street/Parking Lot Lights are designed as an efficient, energy-saving replacement for metal halite and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures.  With a sleek new design and an optional photocell our 2nd generation lights are taking it to the next level. These LED lights have a long life of 50,000 hours, and can operate on electrical systems ranging from 120 to 277 volts, and 347 to 480 volts. Our LED Street/Parking Lot lights are built to high standards so that each light delivers quality and energy savings. Also, choose from any one of our lighting mounts to find the best bracket that fits your needs.


  • Phillip Chip.
  • DLC Premium listed.
  • Up to 130 lumens per watt.
  • Meanwell HLG Series Driver.
  • Available in U-Bracket, Slip Fitter, Yoke Mount, and Straight Arm.
  • Photocell Sold Separate.
  • Fits any application.


  • No UV or IR in the beam
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Energy saving, long lifespan
  • Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes
  • Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming 
  • Green and eco-friendly without mercury


  • Security
  • Streets / Parking Lots
  • Outdoor Basketball / Tennis Courts
  • Football Field / School Playground, Stadium
  • Wide Open Areas