Illuminated Side Stand Kit 67"

Illuminated Side Stand Kit 67"

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You don’t want a dark or dim-lite display case.  This is why we offer multiple solutions for your business to show your products in the best possible light.  Denver LED Direct offers four different kits; the single bar Showcase Light Kit, the Showcase Light Kit with Side Stands, the Showcase Light Kit with Illuminated Side Stands and the single Vertical Light Kit.  Our variety of lights ensures your business has what it needs to showcase all your products. 

  • Denver LED Direct's Showcase Light Kit with Illuminated Side Stands offer enhanced lighting to help display your products in gorgeous 6000K bright light on all sides. This LED Showcase Light Kit includes:  Light Bar, Illuminated Light Stands, and screws for light stands.  There is an optional power supply that is sold separately and stand lights can be wired together to a switch, or can be wired for direct connection to an electrical outlet (plug not included).  This kit comes with an LED light with optional lengths of 43", 55", and 67" along with their corresponding wattages of 18.9W, 25.2W, or 30.6W.  The stands come in only one length which is 11".

    Kit Includes

    • 1x 67" Showcase Light Clear - 30.6W - 2448lm - 12V

    • 2x 11" Illuminated Light Stand Clear - 7.2W - 576lm 12V


    • Jewelry Store

    • Cell Phone Store

    • Boutique, Museums

    • Pawn Shop

    • Bridal Stores

    • Mall Kiosk

    • Smoke Shop

Optional Accessory: Low Voltage 3 way connector