Neon Rope D Type White 6500k

Neon Rope D Type White 6500k

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  • Rope Lighting has solidified itself as a game changer in the indoor and outdoor lighting industry. The small linear bulbs are placed within a bendable PVC casing to create a string of vibrant illumination, and can come in a variety of colors. The applications are virtually endless since the cable itself is able to bend and flex around corners, and even coil around cylindrical objects . These lights are so versatile that it has made these brilliant items so popular everywhere from businesses to homes.  Since they have the ability to literally bend into whatever shape or around any obstacle, they can be seen all over the world in a wide variety of lengths and colors.


    • Dot-free linear neon-like illumination.

    • Fabricated with Eco-friendly, UV-resistant silicone material V-2 flame retardancy.

    • Flexible PCB with SMD LED technology.

    • 24V DC low voltage, safe and reliable.

    • Cutting mark by every 50mm [1.97in].

    • Can be bent laterally.

    • cULus Listed, CE, RoHS certified.

    • 5-years  manufacture warranty.

    • Minimum bending diameter in 50mm [1.97in].


    • Daisy Chain Installation.

    • Driver sold separately.

    • Aluminum housing.

    • Up to 110 Lumens per watt.

    • Adjustable bracket available .

    • UL listed.

    • 5 year warranty.


    • Restaurants / Clubs / Bars

    • Signs / Advertisements / Artistic Displays

    • Art Shows

    • Business Displays / Exterior Lighting

    • Automotive Lighting