LED Wafer Flat Downlight 6" 12w 3000k

LED Wafer Flat Downlight 6" 12w 3000k

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These flat panel downlights come in 4” or 6” and continue to gain popularity because of the sleek modern design they offer as well as the ease of installation they provide.  They are eco friendly, and use less less energy than halogen or fluorescent downlights. Each flat panel light has a lifespan greater than 50,000 hours, and comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Our DLD flat panel downlights reduce operational costs, lower maintenance costs, and are an easy retrofit. The beam angle is 110° and they have a high CRI of 84. These lights have a 960 lumen output, include a conveniently designed J box and are ETL listed.

  • Approved for Insulated Ceilings and Damp Locations

  • 70w Halogen Equivalent

  • Power factor >.92

  • Beam angle is 110°

  • Light output of 960 lumens

  • Fits where no other recessed fixture can

  • Lower maintenance costs


  • No UV or IR in the beam

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Energy saving, long lifespan

  • Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes

  • Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming

  • Green and eco-friendly without mercury


  • Offices / Stores

  • Work Stations / Warehouse

  • Schools / Hall Ways

  • Boardrooms / Game Rooms

  • Homes