What Does Dark Sky Compliant Mean?

 Dark Sky Compliance is a designation given to outdoor lighting fixtures, usually defined by the municipality in which the lighting will be installed, that meets specific requirements to minimize light pollution, light trespass, glare and offensive light sources. Dark Sky Compliant lighting usually features a cutoff design, a specific color temperature usually no higher than 3000k and is bound by certain wattage limits. To determine a fixture's wattage limit first the distance between the ground and the fixture where it will be installed is measured. This measurement is then used along with the fixtures lumen output to calculate the fixture’s foot candles. From the fixture’s projected foot candle output and it’s relation to the area in which it will be installed in, for example a commercial area or residential area, the wattage limit is then determined. It is recommended to consult with a lighting designer to obtain a photometric plan to accurately determine what is needed to meet with the specific city’s Dark Sky Compliance.

what does dark sky lighting look like?